Welcome to my world full of pleasure 

I'm just a single girl with her toys...

                  I love to show my body online, and the fact that so many men wants me makes me so feel so good🥵.... I could write here thousands of word to make you pay me your hard working money just to see my tight (I like to say.. I guess) holes (both very edible, am I right?) and how obsessed and insatiable I am with my toys! As I said, I'm just a girl and her toys not a fake PORNSTAR with super quality videos and luxury high priced room bla bla bullshits but I can offer you a grade A natural body and a mix of naughtiness provocative and seductive content!

                   If that hasn't twisted your arm, that means you have very high standards so pop in and say hello, I never refuse a challenge 💕

Small preview of what you'll find after you subscribe:

Legs, hands, face, eyes, ass, boobs, pussy, toes, belly, knees, armpits..should I continue? Fine fine, let's be serious now,
✨TOYS (loooads... like really a lot of them)

✨PUSSY/ANAL (still very edible even after they are destroyed with toys ..)

✨FETISH VIDEOS (this is the part when I'm the maniac and you're the crazy one for watching🤪)

✨SEXY LINGERINE/UNIFORMS/LEATHER/PVC (does a cow suit counts?🤔)


I'm here waiting for you...

Welcome to my world full of pleasure

   Professional DELUXE                 companionship

"Lots of you already know me, I'm sure we crossed our paths at least once in life you know who am I and what I'm doing here...what about you reader ? All still good ? Glad to hear you're doing fine.
For the ones that doesn't know me yet, I'm Maddolle, I am 22 years old and soon to be your addiction ...have I made you curious ?... I've just started ...
I am a professional companionship & model, with a very stong personality that makes it hard for you to resist me and my naughty side, beside the model carier I'm also an ADULT WEBCAM MODEL, I've let you my recent photoshoot for you to have an ideea what to expect when you contact me for a session.  

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